Whirlpool Of The Web

Greetings to you!

Today is an exceptionally hot, drabby day. I did make some plans but well, Mr. Sun with his super hot rays managed to deter my spirits. So I ended up canceling them. Instead I rejoined Twitter (had made the account ages ago) and literally felt like a noob. A good15 minutes went by screening the settings and figuring out how it worked. Almost considered deleting the Twitter handle because I’m seriously not very regular with my social activities. But then, I let it be.

Now who doesn’t want to know what film Shahrukh Khan is filming for currently or which part of the world is Narendra Modi tourist-ing right now ( 😉 ) or which new person KRK has managed to piss off or what the celebrities are wearing at the Cannes or how the Royal princess looks like or what worthy serious, practical news the tabloids have to offer?!  

Despite a time-craving career to focus on (because apparently doctors are supposed to study all day and all night) you’ll find me browsing on various platforms (Google, Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube et al #entertainment #selfawareness) and shockingly losing track of time. And I’m sure most of you relate to me. Since everyone is a cool Mr/Miss know it all these days, the least we can do is, keep up with them right?! :P.  

On a serious note, the advent of the Internet has had mortifying effects on us and the society we live in. What started off as a luxury has now become a utility,just a few steps short of becoming a necessity coupled with new-age smart-phones- a tool you cannot do without. It is easily accessible these days. Don’t be surprised when you see your 5 year old nephew deriving entertainment,information,knowledge out of an Ipad or Iphone next time round. At that age I was probably learning how to form sentences, write and speak proper English. 

On the plus side, life has become easier in the sense that everything is available at a click or a swipe. The Internet has made life a tad too easy when I compare it to how it was as I was growing up. I barely had access to the Internet till I was in 5th grade and I was in 7th or 8th grade by the time I had learned how to use it properly for my purposes. I certainly don’t need to tell you how the scene is today.

Though it is an EXCELLENT medium transcending communication,cultural and regional/national boundaries and barriers; by providing an infinite source of vast information,learning and awareness and all sorts of entertainment one can possibly fathom, you cannot turn a blind-eye to the collateral damage it has done.

The more we’ve connected to the web the more we have disconnected from our real lives to the point of becoming dependent on it which is not that good an idea. Some of us have completely got lost in this whirlpool while some of us have succumbed to it in one or the other way. The ones who have learned to strike a balance between the virtuality and reality are the wise owls here.

Like everything, even the Web has its pros and cons.Neither requires mention as we are all well aware of it. As much as it has helped us to reach out to the world, it has equally distanced us from ourselves if we look keenly. Just remember that anything in excess is bad. And once something is on the Internet it stays on the net. Excercise caution especially when you are social networking. It is in your hands how you make use of this wonder web. If it’s a blessing or a curse, boon or bane,

You determine. You decide.

To infinity and back,

Maliha Taqui


Winter Favorites!

Unlike the Starks who fear the advent of winter, I welcome it each year open- heartedly and why not? It is my favorite time of the year after all! I suffer with an OCD when it comes to my liking towards the cold- but hey, it doesn’t go on to define that my nature is so. I’m known to be a pretty warm person (modesty anyone?!)

With the recent reports from the world’s four most important meteorological departments stating that 2014 was by far the hottest year ever recorded here in India, I cannot help but anticipate how much hotter the summer of 2015 might get. If I think about Summer 2014, I am most likely to start perspiring profusely and melt just by the thought of it. I so do not want the cold to pave way for the warm breezes anytime soon.

It’s a little over mid- January and another month before winter bids adieu to all of us here in Hyderabad but the missing has already begun on a personal level. Sigh.The mercury levels have started rising sharply by the day though the nights are still icy cold. Well, seasons don’t change according to my will so I’d rather stop cribbing about it (ok I’m going to cry- not!). Anyways, here are a few of my favorites I indulge in during the cold.

1) Socks – polka dotted, striped, monochrome, ankle-length, knee- length, vibrant or plain- a pair of chic warm socks are all I need for my cold feet all the time- indoors or outdoors.


2) Scarves – They serve 2 major purposes – keep my head warm and at the same time are all the accessorising my winter outfits need. .


3) Coffee – Ever wondered why a mug of hot cocoa or a sizzling hot latte tastes more delicious on frozen mornings and chilly evenings?! I do. And I am grateful for this blessing. ❤

keep warm and snuggle up coffee mug hot cocoa winter cold

4) Lip balms and moisturisers – I cannot do without them. The dry, cracked skin needs its share of ample care and repair.


5) Sweaters, hoodies, jackets – Let not the freezing cold stop you from being fashionable and stylish!


6) Books – Winter is the perrrfect time to indulge in some reading (and I’m not talking about my course books fgs). I’m an avid reader and winters somehow set the cosy ambience I need for reading and falling asleep as I do. Pillow. Blanket. Coffee. Book. Check!


7) Short days and long nights – Cosiest sleep under my blanket. Winters are THE best times to catch on those extra zzzzzzzs, isn’t it? 😀

8) The beautiful night sky in winters is unexplainable. Really ya!

9) Ice- cream and BBQed food – A bowl of vanilla ice-cream compliments the dropping mercury surprisingly well! Who needs a reason and a season to enjoy good food? (Not me).


10) Last but not the least – The Snow – Although it never snows in Hyderabad, I really wish I could build an Olaf for myself. 😦


So here was a little list of my winter favorites. Winters are special to me for a lot of reasons unkown to me – I can’t really come to a conclusion as to why I love this frozen period so much but I sure as hell enjoy it to the T. I think I will go catch on my zzzzzzs now as it has been a long and a tiring day with my course books (please wish me luck for my exams). And oh- Have a happy winter folks!

To infinity and back,

Maliha Taqui



Blaring horns! Cars, buses and auto-rickshaws queuing in one after the other, dropping passengers and scurrying away to the whistles of the traffic policeman, the noise pollution at and around Nampally, this time of the year is insane. People of all ages and cultures push and shove past each other, making their way to the ticket counters. A family walks in laughing and chattering-there’s a cheery smile on the lips of their 7 year old; a bunch of noisy women head towards the beautiful Lucknowi cloth stalls; whereas young girls giggle and make their way towards the Kashmiri jewellery stores; a 5 year old boy pulls and tugs at his father pointing hungrily at a shiny red car at display at a toy stall; further behind them an old man lifts his grand son over his shoulders so that he gets a better view of the exquisite Exhibition grounds. A scene so recognizable!

It’s that time of the year friends when apna Hyderabadi crowd goes berserk over the annual and one of the leading Consumer Goods Exhibition tentatively called Numaish. This year Numaish turns 75 years old- still as charming and fascinating and glorious as ever.If you are a Hyderabadi, the chances of you missing out on these 45 days (January 1st to February 12th) of excitement is almost null and I see no reason why you should miss out on it – it’s one of the finest examples of a desi carnival.

The 75th All India Industrial Exhibition promises you a cultural extravaganza of food, shopping and fun from all over India for all sections of the society. Recently, I made my yearly, mandatory trip to the exhibition and in this issue of The ParaDoc’s Error, i’m going to list out what’s in store for you at Numaish- 2015.

1) The Food

With appetizing Bade Miyan’s Kebabs, mouth-watering chaat at Gokul and Bombay Chaat waalas, the scrumptious world-famous haleem from Pista House, gluttony is a sin one tends to indulge in guiltless-ly. Apart from the fore-mentioned, you have ice-creams, frankies, sugar candies, popcorn, noodles, fresh sugar cane juice et cetera to binge on.

IMG_20150110_231434 IMG_20150110_23145520150110_181824

2) Clothes- From Lucknowi kurtas to Kashmiri kaftans, from scarves, stoles and shawls to A- line ‘Anarkali’ frocks, dress materials to fur coats, you are spoiled for choice. They come in vibrant colors and do not burn a hole in your pocket. P.S. Don’t be embarrassed to bargain. 😉



3) Jewellery and Accessories

Kashmiri jewellery is the fore-runner in this department from years. The collection is exquisite. From pretty rings, danglers, studs, chains to colorful stones and chokers, there is plenty of choice. Prices may range from as low as 100 INR to 23,000 INR. Apart from the Kashmiri stores, are the less pricey artificial jewellery stores showcasing an array of colorful bangles, hand cuffs, cute hair clips and hair bands among others.

IMG_20150110_231921 IMG_20150110_231623  IMG_20150110_231554IMG_20150110_231711

4) The Rides

What is a carnival without those rides?! Drab and dull of course. There’s the Columbus (the to and fro rocking air-ship) and the rotating Cups and Saucers to precipitate an attack of vertigo. The one ride you shouldn’t miss is the 360 degrees ‘Ranger’ which is thrilling and exciting. That said, this area does lack in some aspects to be honest. The frisbee is a bore and so is the age-old Giant Wheel. For the kids, there are merry- go- rounds and a miniature giant wheel.

20150110_173220 IMG_20150110_231820

5) Others

This category features gifts,toy shops, leather bags, footwear, beauty and home accessories, design and lifestyle articles, tableware and kitchenware,floristry, books, handicrafts, art products,fun and play stalls, souvenirs, seasonal goods, dry fruits, handicrafts and all top branded electronics from all over India. There are stalls set up by the Telangana Tourism department also.

20150110_181951IMG_20150110_231202 20150110_180636

The beauty at the exhibition grounds reaches its peak especially after sunset when it’s lit up by colorful neon lights.The traffic is a turn off but the good time you have at the carnival compensates for it. With the entry fee priced at a mere 20 INR per head I don’t see why there’s any excuse for any of us to not attend Numaish 2015. With this post, I hope to have covered all major and minor aspects at the Exhibition.

So “Have you been to Numaish 2015 lately?”

To infinity and back,

Maliha Taqui.