There’s always one habit I will never out-grow, whether it was back when I was a ten year old or today or even some forty years later when I’d be rocking in my chair, graying – reading. Over the years I have read a lot of fiction ,non-fiction, the junk of the Book World( the comics of course!) and my academic books which I am certainly not referring to in today’s post.

Doubtlessly, the library was one of my favorite places at school. Sifting through the colorful, endless rows of books, each waiting to be taken off the shelf, waiting to be flipped through, to unfold their story, was in mere three alphabets- joy. I have lost count of the number of books I had borrowed and I recall right now how I never wanted to return a good book (but I did of course 😦 ). Why part with a character who became your friend, engaged you so deeply, made you laugh and cry with him/her when you can go back to them, right? Maybe that is how I turned into a chronic (and proud) bibliophile.

I guess all you book-worms (apologies for the stereotyping) can understand what I’m trying to say. Oh I must admit how much I admire people who read. Just a lot more than the usual crowd. Nup. It does not make you look “nerdy” – it makes you so much more attractive! 😉

So today I’ve decided to make another addition to my blog – Book hauls and reviews. In other words, a list of books I intend to read over a month or so and as and when I finish it, I’d review it up here. I’d love to share my experiences with others out there looking for a good read.

Here’s a list of my books to be read (TBR) for the month of February:

1) Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon – He is one of my MOST FAVORITE writers. This was on my TBR list for a long long time.


2) They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie – A book haul is incomplete without an Agatha pick, right? Right.


3) Gone Girl by Gilian Fynn – Just had to give in to the hype and find out what was so different about this one.


4) Paths Of Glory by Jefferey Archer – I read this one long ago and just felt like reading it again, so that’s why it features on my list.


5) The Associate by John Grisham – This AUTHOR was on my TBR from a long time so yeah!


The reviews to the books mentioned above will be uploaded as and when possible. Hopefully, soon.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
Ernest Hemingway

P.S- You can leave a list of your favorite books in the comments section. 🙂

To infinity and back,

Maliha Taqui.


6 thoughts on “Book Haul (February)

  1. As much as I like your reviews…I don’t agree with your offhand statement that Comics are the junk of the book world! Srsly! Come on! For a person who calls herself a bibliophile its unfair to call them junk! They recite their own vivid stories in an unique imaginative way through illustrations where our imagination is not the canvas…but the writer and illustrators is! So please respect these graphic novels as there are some that truly transcend the boundaries of just being a comic…or in your case junk!

    BTW…can you review The Gragoyle by Andrew Davidson? I’d actually like to hear your thoughts on it.


    • By referring to comics as ‘junk’ , in no way did I intend to be disrespectful or crass. I have read comics right from Archie to Tinkle to Spiderman, Batman and the likes and absolutely loved them. Also, I admit I haven’t read them on a regular basis which explains why I used the term ‘junk’ so casually. May be that’s why you might have taken offense for which I apologise genuinely. 🙂
      And In shA Allah I will read The Gragoyle and try and review it ASAP.


  2. Ohw…if you ever wanna see why I respect comics so much..Read Watchmen , V for Vendetta , A Serious house on Serious Earth, sandman etc. I’m pretty sure after reading them you’d look towards comics in a different light 😁


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